How it ALL Started

I remember hanging out with my sister and her husband talking about fitness. They have been a fit couple as long as I can remember. Mason mentioned that he gets so excited to go to the gym in the morning that he lays out his outfit the night before. I thought, what kind of crazy person does this, let alone get up before the sun comes out for the gym???

HOWEVER, I was REALLY unhappy with the way my body was looking. We called it the “corporate body.”  So the conversation did at least spark my curiosity and thought. I signed up for a gym membership the next week and started my journey to fitness. Now, after years of experimentation, I want to share what I’ve learned with as many dads as possible. I want share simple advice that I wish someone told me when I started. Perhaps much of this advice is stuff that a personal trainer could have shared, but based on what I see trainers doing with their clients, it’s not likely.

I am certain there will be some of you that will not believe what I say and share because of the simplicity, but I can tell you that getting fit is NOT as hard as you think. It DOES require some commitment to a few habits and tweaks to your routines. But if you start small, you will be able to sustain these changes for the rest of your life!

I do not advocate for any fad diets even though some of these diets actually have parts of effective eating.  The problem is that they are usually too extreme to keep up long-term.   I also do not advocate any specific brand of supplements, but I don’t hesitate sharing my experiences about what kinds of supplements have worked for me and which ones have done nothing for me. SO, if you are a man that does not want to hire a trainer for whatever reason, I hope that this blog helps you get started with the information you need.

How and when will it start for YOU?

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