The Workout Plan

You need a plan or else you are not going to succeed.  I promised that I would share what I did, but that doesn’t mean it is what I would do now.  I wish someone would have told me not to spend so much time on the treadmill and stairs-of-death!  So, if I could start all over again, I would follow James Grage and his lifting techniques which he calls “Advanced Training Techniques.”  My workouts would have been a lot more enjoyable and I probably would have avoided some of the minor injuries I experienced.

Each day you work out should be fairly quick and dedicated to one or possibly two muscle groups.  Your workouts will become part of your daily routine and if you do it right, the results will be addicting! When I started, I went to the gym 5 days a week for about an hour and I still follow this routine today! The gym is literally one of the best parts of my day.  Ok, I’ll shut up and get to the workout plan.  Watch these videos for some great instructions on building muscle and avoiding injury.  I should mention, I am not associated with James or BPI.  I am just a big fan of this kind workout approach.

Monday – Chest

Tuesday – Shoulders

Wednesday – Legs (DO NOT SKIP!!)

Note: This workout is a BEAST!  Don’t feel like you need to do the whole thing.  You would be good even if you stopped after the walking lunges – then the following week, you might skip the lunges and go straight to the deadlifts.  Try alternating these each week.

Thursday – Back

Friday – Arms & Core

(No Video for Core) Try different Ab and Core exercises and figure out what you like. Easy isn’t always best.  My favorites are decline sit-ups, Ab-V’s, and various Ab machines.

Spend time watching ALL of James Grage’s videos on Advanced Training Techniques. Learn everything you can and don’t be afraid to experiment.  Another thing I did early on is I went to and scrolled through the “exercise database” to see different workouts for different muscle groups.  You can sort workouts starting with the highest rated movements.  Soon enough, you’ll be planning your own workout plan!

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