The Buy IN


So, you’ve made the commitment to get fit and you’re all ready to get after it. If you are married, raising kids, and working a full-time job, you are going to need some support from your significant other. A guy reached out to me and asked if I would work with him. As we were talking about schedules and nutrition, he said, “Oh, my wife needs me home in the mornings before the kids go to school, and she needs me home after dinner to help put the kids down to bed.” Any man that is dedicated to his wife and family always impresses me, but it got me thinking…I’ve had it so easy when it comes to getting the necessary support from my wife. It’s been about 4 years since I started my journey to fitness. My wife has been 100% supportive no matter what part of the day I experimented with going to the gym. I remember talking to her and telling her that I wanted to start working out. After she got through the initial shock and skepticism, she was happy about it.

Buy in from your significant other is very necessary in order to reach your fitness goals. If you were single, you could do whatever, whenever you want. But it’s totally different when you have people at home depending on you to be there. SO, I suggest you discuss your goals and aspirations with your wife and let her see your excitement. Not only will you have a cheerleader, but who knows, maybe she will get in on the action with you! Now you have some competition!

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