Getting Ripped vs. Getting Swole


What kind of body do you want?  You definitely should ask yourself this question and don’t worry if the answer changes over time.  I have a couple of good buddies that change the answer too often!  On Monday, they want to increase their bench press max by 20 pounds and by Friday they want to be cut and lean.  I’m not saying you can’t have both, but it is really tough to lose body fat and increase strength at the same time.

So ask yourself…what am I looking to achieve?  How do I envision my appearance in 3 months? What feelings do I want to feel by achieving my fitness goals? These are great questions to ponder.  Solid answers to these questions will help you stay motivated and positive…especially on the days where you may struggle to eat right or get yourself to the gym.

Once you know where you are going, you can get at it.  But give yourself 12 weeks or so to really see what you can achieve.  Then move on from there.  I like to work in 12 week increments because I’m a busy guy with a job and kids – so I really don’t want the added stress of trying to do too much too quickly.  Take some before and after pictures to get the full view of your progress.  Otherwise it might be difficult to see and it is discouraging to put in the work without seeing the reward.

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