The System is Down


I’m referring to YOUR system. When is the last time you got you lab work done? Have you ever?  It’s so important to know your numbers. You track and record your workouts, macronutrients, but what about tracking your testosterone levels? This number is extremely important! I can’t stress that enough. Healthy testosterone levels are crucial to sex drive, energy and overall temperament. There are a couple things you can do immediately to start producing more testosterone…

First, shed some of that excess fat. As you burn off the fat, you will also decrease your risk of other health problems. I know this is common knowledge but it’s so important that it’s worth repeating over and over. Eating smarter and getting your exercise is the best way to lose weight, so it’s good all around.

Get a decent amount of sleep! I mentioned the benefits of growth hormones that are released during sleep in my last post. It’s not about the length of sleep, but the quality. Sleep will also reduce the amount Cortisol that our body produces. This stress hormone is aging you and killing your testosterone production. So get your sleep!

Lift heavy weights! Lifting weights is a tried and tested way to lose some weight and increase testosterone levels.

No matter your age, go get your lab work done. It’s extremely helpful to know where you stand and see what you’re up against. You might even discover that you have levels of a 60 year old woman. In that case, your doctor can help supplement. It’s next to impossible to build muscle and trim fat with testosterone levels that are the same as your moms. Many guys try and get more fit only to see minuscule results due to insufficient testosterone production. You won’t know until you see the numbers!


Note: Check out the book Man 2.0 Engineering the Alpha: A Real World Guide to an Unreal Life: Build More Muscle. Burn More Fat. Have More Sex.  by John Romaniello and Adam Bornstein.  This is a fantastic book and it talks in depth about men’s hormones. 

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