The Secret…Consistency


The Secret IS Consistency: As I scroll through my Instagram feed, it seems there are a never-ending number of VERY fit men and women.   So I started to think about all the different approaches people take to gain muscle, lose body fat, and get into incredible shape! I read about disagreements between people with different opinions about the best ways to get fit. Some say the best diet approach is intermittent fasting while others say to eat six small meals a day.  Some say to lift heavy with less reps and others say to lift lighter with lots of reps. In the end, two people with total different approaches can end up on a competition stage, looking amazing.

So it dawned on me that the one thing all of these people have in common is that they put in the hard work consistently.  A lot of people will try to get fit for a specific event like a high school reunion or a Caribbean vacation.  But once that is over they go right back to their old ways.  The reason for this is because their fitness regimen was probably too strict and too rigorous.  We are not all trying to go out and compete in a fitness competition, but most of the fitness plans that I see are created by the same people on the competition stage.  So obviously their plans work, but they are very hard to follow by the average person who is just looking for the confidence to be able to take his shirt off when he goes to the beach.  So, the secret is to find a fitness plan that you can do consistently.  Start simple, then build from there.  The cliché that” fitness is a lifestyle” is a cliché for good reason.

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